90 Days to
StarPower Your Persona, Position, & Profits

Liah Kraft-Kristaine, J.D.

This program is for all experts and entrepreneurs

looking for the most effective way to …

Get Instant Clients & Customers by Showing Yourself to be Credible,
Knowledgeable, Approachable, Likeable, and the Person They want to Work with…
because your Videos are Great, your Channel is Awesome, You have Star Power, and
People Connect with you through the Superlative Medium of VIDEO… so you can
Multiply your Income FAST in only 90 Days…

 Using My

Web TV Talk Show Riches Training…

Internet Experts say that within 2 years, video will account for 70% of all
internet traffic. Will you be riding that wave, or will you be struggling to
a foothold in the undertow? 

YouTube gets more than 1 Billion unique visitors EVERY MONTH!
Will your channel be riding the exponential growth — or will You and
Your Business be left behind because of
confusion, uncertainty, or overwhelm —

because you JUST DIDN’T KNOW that
it could be

I’ve refined the process of the Internet Video Presence to an exact SCIENCE…


    • … the visual branding signature

    • … the Star Power Business Persona

    • … the Positioning

    • … the Set Up

    • … the Tech MADE EASY

    • … the natural promotional tools

    • … the creation of a flood of targeted traffic

    • … the outsourcing resources

    • … the questions answered

    • … the foothold gained immediately!

You Name It, It’s All Past The Guessing Stage Now…

…The Steps To Creating
YOUR Video Channel or YOUR Talk Show Are Now

Proven Formula… And You Can Duplicate It

And, as you can see, others are now achieving the same success as I have!


is a Clear and Simple, A – Z, Step-By-Step Program to
create your Internet Video Presence the right way, reaching thousands of new
prospects and clients
to fill up your programs, coaching, or practice.

You will virtually “Get in Front of” more people in less time than you have ever

AND You Will Attain“Expert” Status
Virtually Overnight… 

(Even If You Consider Yourself Internet Marketing Challenged!)


  I will personally walk you step-by-step
through setting up your complete video
marketing system…


This is not just a course on how to do video marketing …

to guide you on how to go from having virtually no video presence on
internet, to establishing a money-making, list-building,
arm of your business!!

Here’s some of what you’re getting…

    • 2 Private Sessions with Liah to map out what you want to do, where you
      want to go, and in what time frame. This alone is worth the entire

    • 4 LIVE training modules of
      straight to the point and clear cut video presence launch training on
      each step of the process. Again, these are LIVE with Q&A, recorded, and
      available to you to review again and again!

    • The 90-Day timeline that
      maps out what to do and when at each stage. Having this time line is the
      most important tool to help you stay on track and see the results you
      are producing right in front of you.

    • FULL access to my powerful, easy to follow, blueprint with
      all the steps, tools, and resources you need to produce new clients and
      income whenever you want.

    • Complete Promotion and Marketing Tools.
      From selecting your niche, packaging your program or product,
      attracting your ideal high-paying customers, creating a name that sells,
      creating an irresistible offer and creating content that positions you
      as the expert… you will get it in these modules.

I Am Hand-Delivering to YOU the Fastest,Simplest
and Easiest Way To Build A Large List
who feel that they know you, trust you, & respect you!

The FACT is that you can BUILD your list
 faster and easier USING
VIDEO in your launches,
to build your list and to gain response!


you are open to building your list by the thousands,
this is the best method of doing so – bar

It’s the best of ALL worlds…
build a highly responsive and loyal LIST
WHILE pulling in lots of clients AND gaining expert authority status…
AND while making PASSIVE INCOME!!…


My Full Money Back Guarantee…

30-day-guarantee-badgeI know how it feels to wonder about the course you’re about to invest in…

Sign up for “Web TV Talk
Show Riches
” right now and take a look.

The sign up link is below.

This is the most effective and powerful way today to launch or
re-launch your video marketing on the internet…

… If it isn’t, email me, and I’ll refund your money.

All of it.

For up to 30 days from the day the program starts.

It’s that simple.

Other students are hitting their business goals faster than ever
before with these video strategies!

So … you have nothing to lose… and a WHOLE NEW WORLD to gain!
With “WebTV Talk Show Riches”, your outlook, income, and presence
will be lifted forever!

“Toto, I have a feeling
we’re not in Kansas anymore.”  –
L. Frank Baum

So Here’s A Summary Of What You’re Getting…

A. Your Entry-Point Private Session:

Your Goal Focus:

You’ll begin with a laser-focused coaching session where I help you look at
where you are, where you want to be, your positioning, your focus, your ideal
client/customer. We’ll also talk about your business persona and the
all-important “StarPower” component.

B. Your Lessons And What Each Does For You:

Lesson #1: Discover Your Focal Point and Your Visual Persona: 

My proven 7-step process for developing the main concept for your channel or
show. This will help you go from a collection of thoughts to a clear, clean
funnel to land new business in a fraction of the time!

o  Define Your Positioning

Design You Business Persona

Describe Your Business Funnel

Lesson #2: Laying Out the Framework for Your Channel or Show: 

How to get into the mind of your customer and know what they need to hear from
you and how to best deliver it to them.

o  The Look of Your Channel or Show

Creating Visual Clarity to Better Funnel Your Prospects

o  The 3 Types of Videos You Must Display

Lesson #3: Signposting & Promoting– How They Can Find You:

How to use every available tool, within your channel, as well as in every
available medium,  to help the world beat
a path to you, so that your ideal audience will instantly recognize your value
and will want to work with you.

5 Video Tools to add thousands of viewers immediately

Your Videos and your Website

Integrating with Your Social Media

Lesson #4: Building Your Funnel and Working Liah’s 90-Day Plan:

My proven 90-Day Plan will launch your success beyond any other tool you can
use. Set up your funnel process  with
your Web TV or Channel for fast success!

Storyboarding Your Video Plan

Staying on Track and Testing

How to Integrate Your Launch with your Channel or Show

Making Money from your Video Presence without even trying!!

C. Your Entry-Point Private Session:

Your Goal Focus:

You’ll wrap up with a concise look at where you are, what questions you have,
where you feel any blockage, and what are your next steps.
We’ll compare your present action strategy with your Entry-Point Session
and what you focused on regarding where you want to be within a set period of
time, your positioning, your focus, and your ideal client/customer.



Bonus 1…

How to Do Quick Edits on your Own Videos When you want a Professional Look and
there’s no time to send it to a professional.

video-editingGet started in video editing FAST with no sweat!

I guide you through…



 Which video editing programs are the best and easiest to use, and…

 The 5 most important editing functions you need to learn 

 3 FIXES for really bad video when you can’t start all over again.

OR…  Bonus 2…

“How To Set Up a Professional-Looking Video Shoot
in the Privacy of Your Own Home or Office.”

In this Training, I show you the do’s and don’ts of setting up your own
Mini-Studio.  You don’t need a lot
of space.  These tips can save you
tens of thousands of dollars!
Here, I show you…




» 3 Important Tips for creating natural, relaxed videos

» Setting up background, lighting and sound 

» Checklist of the equipment you’ll need


Bonus 3…


A Private Phone Session with me to Refine
Your Web TV Business Strategy!

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I look forward to talking with you VERY SOON!!
-Liah K-K   Liah KK image from Julie

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