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Your Point of Power is Right Here, Right Now! - Liah Kraft-Kristaine

July 31, 2016

Always the beautiful answer
who asks a more beautiful question.
– e.e.cummings

Are you ready to create the next level of your life?  Then ask another question!

On this last day of my birthday month, I want to share with you the first of thirty videos that augment my soon to be released book, “The Art of Life Journal”! This book and video series focus on CREATING life the way you want it to be when you are at or above “Ground Zero”. I’ve written other books to help readers get UP to “Ground Zero”, so it was a joy to work on a project that reflects what I have done since learning to stay at or above Zero.

You may be a reader who remembers that my early struggles dealt with combatting my chronic, almost daily, slide down the slippery slope of depression which I finally healed after writing and practicing intensely “30 Days to Happiness: Setting Yourself Up to Win in Life” which took me to the Oprah Winfrey Show. Each time I went through my book, I notched myself up into a higher groove. And no, it wasn’t a consistently upward climb… And it took a lot of energy, focus, and real work!

When you finally are to spend less time on maintaining a sense of hopefulness and competency and more time of creating a life going forward, excitement brews and hums! So I ask you to ask yourself right now: WHAT IS THE NEXT STEP FOR YOU THAT CREATES EXCITEMENT/JOY WITHIN YOU? If you are asking an even better question, please keep asking in those words.

For me, my own “…beautiful question” usually pulls up a beautiful answer that absolutely tickles and delights me. The next step is to feel the power that this present instant has as the opening to ask for the materialization of your beautiful answers. I have both participated in the creation of my dreams, as well as seen them almost magically manifest in front of me. Watch my video gift to you, and you’ll hear about some of those “beautiful answers” I’ve brought to fruition by remembering that THIS is the moment that can turn the tide. Because in this moment, you can consciously ask for what you desire and then add the belief that it is yours. We are all powerfully creative beings but we must be both aware of that fact, and take action on it!!

Enjoy my video! Many Blessings! Liah Kraft-Kristaine

Your Point of Power is Right Here, Right Now!

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