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Meet Liah - Liah Kraft-Kristaine

Liah Kraft-Kristaine is an expert in strategy and marketing books, products and businesses. An author, international speaker, real estate investor, and media personality, Liah coaches executives, entrepreneurs, authors, and information experts who want to polish their best work and authentic self.

Liah offers three types of coaching: one-on-one coaching and strategic consultation, VIP days at her location, and small group programs. She has been delivering fabulous results for her clients since 1999.

She is formerly a CNN broadcaster, a PBS Special Production host, a head writer on a Hollywood-based television series, and a practicing attorney. Liah is also the author of numerous books, video series, and audio programs and is the founder of StarKraft Academy, a membership for women who want to build power, certainty, and prosperity, starting with inner success.

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