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30-Day Happiness Tuneup - Liah Kraft-Kristaine

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Those who reach their dreams are more
consistently upbeat,
confident and energetic!

Those who have not
wonder what
to their lives.
Being HAPPY gets you to your dreams FAST!

“Liah’s Happiness program is clear and life-changing.” 
Oprah Winfrey

You can change the course of your life
— starting today!

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For ONLY $37, you can try this 30-day Course – Video, Audio, Book Chapter, & Workbook – delivered to you daily for a FAST LIFE CHANGE!

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Discover the
REAL secrets
to a happy and
successful life!

Do you know what can
pull you down

— your energy, outlook, and dreams?

It may be your job. Your business. Your in-laws.
Your marriage or relationship.The kids. The finances. Your health. A disappointment. A betrayal.
Disease. Death. Divorce.

Maybe you don’t really know what has you down, but you’re feeling…

  • Overwhelmed

  • Frustrated

  • Exhausted

  • Lonely

  • Low in confidence

  • Mad at yourself

  • Depressed

  • Resentful

  • Feeling inadequate

  • Scared

  • Uncertain about the future

  • Wanting to stay under the covers

butterfly on flowers


There is a fast, easy, fun way you can learn to turn all of that around and avoid the biggest killer of dreams!


  •  Take charge of your brain   

  •  Build upon new happiness skills daily in a clear, easy,  systematic way 

  •  Dissolve internal barriers

  •  Feel more happy and upbeat in less than 3 minutes

  •  Finally eliminate old negative beliefs

  •  Make your self-image work WITH your happiness 

  •  Build skills to overcome problems immediately

  •  Use a step-by-step method for OPTIMISM  

  •  Discover the daily plan to make you unstoppable

  •  Work with the power of your subconscious mind

  •  Find out what’s holding you back and cure it

  •  Use fear to your advantage

  •  Develop laser-like focus

  •  Watch your life change in positive leaps

  •  Discover how even a little more happiness helps you to  go forward faster 

  •  Unlock the incredible power of your imagination 

  •  Program yourself to receive the success you deserve

  •  Double your energy by focusing on positive images

  •  Use 30% more of your brainpower — proven results

  •  Vastly improve your health

  •  Have more friends

  •  Skyrocket your income

  •  Be in control of the direction of your life  

  • Dare to see a beautiful future for yourself

Liah Kraft-Kristaine - in Square formatHi! I’m Liah Kraft-Kristaine.
You can change your life in 30 days or less. You can lift up fast out of a dark place, or you can use these techniques to leap from “okay to AWESOME”!
I have seen it happen to hundreds I have coached, and I’ve seen it in my own life. I have taught the secrets, skills and wisdom of Happiness Training (also known as Emotional Intelligence Training) to individuals and in corporations for many years – in nearly 500 cities on 4 continents.
Oprah Winfrey featured me and this program on her show. Over 40,000 people have already benefited from it! All major Universities — Yale, Harvard, etc. –promote E.Q. as being far more important to your success than your I.Q.– and I have learned that if you will work with this training for as little as 30 days, you will change your brain and your life for the better!

And NOW, I’ve created for you
the NEW MULTI-MEDIA VERSION of my E.Q. / Happiness Training:

  • 30 videos

  • 30 audios

  • 30 book chapters

  • 30 workbook chapters
    – Delivered to you DAILY
    by email for 30 days

– all of that for less than just one visit to a therapist!
And I’ll be with you every day for 30 days on video,
PLUS  you’ll get a LIVE Q&A group session as a BONUS!
In only about 10 minutes a day,


Oprah1If you truly are ready to get more out of your life, feel extraordinary, and create your dreams so much faster, you can join me for 30 days — at your own pace. AND you can review everything again and again.

Thousands have used this program for both their business and personal lives, getting clarity, energy, focus, and happiness. You, too, can change old patterns in 30 days! No other training will take you so far, so fast! And I back it up with my money-back Guarantee!!

“Liah’s Happiness program is clear and life-changing.” Oprah Winfrey

“I highly recommend Liah’s wonderful program, full of wisdom, energy and enlightenment.”     Dr. Wayne Dyer, Author

“This profound program touches all major areas of life. It leads participants not only to think differently, but to act in ways that will increase their levels of happiness. I found Liah’s program to be wise, enjoyable and uplifting.”
                               Dr. Jack Canfield, Chicken Soup for the Soul

If you know that you want to join now, just click here and you’ll be part of my training program RIGHT NOW.   For a limited time, it is HALF the REGULAR PRICE of $197!!

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Can you learn to be
more consistently happy?

What is your emotional range on a daily basis on a scale of 1 to 100?  That means — what numbers would be your lowest low and what would be your highest high?Have you ever thought about it?

As I look back to many years ago, I see with new insight that my happiness range was probably from 1 to 35 on a scale of 100.  Today, my emotional range is 75 to OVER 100!!

Back then, I had to learn how to be happy.  Then, after I found my footing, I decided to learn to become even happier.  The happier I’ve learned to become, the more quickly new success follows. Something miraculous seems to happen to people when they get consistently happy!  YOU’LL SEE!

It doesn’t matter
where you’re starting from

When I was a teenager, I had a tendency to become depressed easily. And then, life happened on top of that: the early death of my mother, divorce, financial problems, second-guessing career choices.

Maybe you’re feeling a bit under the weather because of your current situation…

Sometimes we forget that a difficult situation won’t last forever — and we let it take our health, sanity, friends and money with it. We can forget that each challenge is a chance for us to grow and make it safely to the other side stronger than when we started.

Many years ago, I had pretty much forgotten that wisdom…

From being depressed
and under the covers
to going to the Oprah show
as an author/expert

You may know, as I have come to know, that happiness breeds success.  And you may know that the happier you become on a consistent basis, the faster and bigger you will magnetize your dreams.  I absolutely know that that is true. Let me explain how I know that is true.

I went from being at rock bottom, to writing 30 Days to Happiness: Setting Yourself Up to Win in Life, to appearing on the Oprah Winfrey Show! Then 30 Days to Happiness became a Best-Seller, and I began to speak around the world. All of that happened in a very short period of time.

I absolutely believe that the writing of that book was guided by an angel, every word of it. I couldn’t have done it myself. Particularly at that time. It saved my life. You don’t have to believe the angel part. Just try this 30 Day Happiness Tune-Up for yourself, and believe that it can help.


Being happy is all about learning the step-by-step answers

Some people think that if they visualize or do positive self talk for 10 minutes a day it will work like a magic bullet.  I wish it were that easy!  Yes, in this program, you will learn about the incredible power of affirmations and positive self talk. However,  saying affirmations, even properly worded, for 10 minutes a day for a couple of days will probably not change your life… However, working with this complete program for 30 days WILL ABSOLUTELY change your life!

It’s about Re-Patterning Your Habitual Responses

I can tell you that when I consistently worked with 30 Days to Happiness, doing the steps that are suggested for each day, I could not go back to being the person I had been.  And when I repeated the program, I found that not only did it reinforce what I learned, but I discovered that I was truly re-patterning myself.

I worked with NEW THOUGHTS

I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from me the very first time I did the program. Then I did it again. And again. Each time, I felt like a layer of old debris was peeled away. So it became clear to me that repetition and daily action was required to change my life at a core level. That’s why I want you download each part of this program: so you’l have it for the rest of your life when you need it. Because life happens…

happy businesswoman1

You can (and must)
learn to be OPTIMISTIC

I realized that I learned how to be pessimistic as a kid. I learned to expect life to be a struggle. I learned how to play it safe and keep my nose to the grindstone. My parents lived that way — and they didn’t realize that they were great teachers of their beliefs!

And I also realized that I could learn to live happier. I could learn new ways of thinking and responding.

At first, I felt guilty that I didn’t want to live with struggle. Then, I realized that my mother would have wanted me to have a much more satisfying, yes, even HAPPIER life than she had experienced.

I allowed myself to break out of that prison a little at a time, then for longer periods, and finally — one day, I realized that I was actually becoming a truly happy person!

Then, the “MAGIC” begins

Amazing things started happening in my life. After I was on Oprah, and 30 Days to Happiness became a best-seller, I pitched an idea to CNN. They hired me on the spot to be the on-air host of the show segment. Then, PBS produced my television special, The Myths of Happiness, and it became one of the most highly successful PBS TV specials in the country. And then, I became a head writer on a television show in Hollywood. Why did all these great things start happening in my life? Great things can happen in yours!

“I want to put into words what you and your work have meant to me… I attended a seminar that you conducted.  I was not expecting the life changing experience I received.   I bought your Happiness program and my life began to change… You said that your old high will be your new low if you apply these principles.  My bar has been reset and I can’t thank you enough. My real estate business is working well again, and I met the man of my dreams and things just keep getting better. You, Liah, gave me the push I needed to get here.  My life is finally back on track!”       ~  Michelle Bailie Shipley   Michelle Bailie Shipley

Are you ready to turn YOUR life around — or to rev it in high gear? Are you ready to make a small investment in your entire future?

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You have more ENERGY
when you’re happier

When you don’t stay up half the night worrying about …everything,  you sleep better.

When you “see” the possibility of a happier healthier you, you feel like exercising.

When your mind is free from negative chatter, it can start focusing and creating great ideas.

It’s true. You sleep better. You feel like exercising. You have great ideas occurring to you. You take action on those ideas. You follow through because you have a new-found sense of optimism that the idea is an integral part of the plan for your life. You complete things faster. You get it DONE! And you radiate an energy that is uplifted.

when you’re happier

When you have a sense of well-being, your cognitive ability increases up to 30%, according to studies done at major universities. Why? In part, because when you’re stressed, you only use one side of your brain instead of both hemispheres. One study from Cornell states that with high emotional intelligence, your success potential multiplies by FOUR!!

Yes, that means you’re using more of your intelligence when you’re happier, more enthusiastic, and eager to get out of bed in the morning. Would that be of value to you when you’re running a business? — or trying to stay ahead of your kids? — or dealing with fast-changing circumstances?

when you’re happier

True also. When you feel more buoyant, you smile more easily, the smile stays on your face longer, you stand up straighter, you let yourself relax a bit more, your face smooths out, and you look ten years younger. Relaxation takes lots of years off your face. Would THAT be of value to you?

You ATTRACT positive people
when you’re happier

I’ll bet that you’ll agree that when you have more positive expressions and words, people want to be around you. And I’ll also bet that you’ve found that the flip side of that is also true…

Imagine how many positive people will want to know what you’re doing to give you that glow when you’ve learned the secrets of this program! You may even want to share with them!

Happiness-Success text image

You ATTRACT opportunities
when you’re happier

When you feel good, buoyant, and vibrant, wonderful events and opportunities show up. Let’s face it, people would rather do business with happy people who can add a positive attitude and experience to their organization. If you have the skills they want, then become more attractive by having the attitude they want, too. 

The better you feel, the more wonderful the possibilities. That’s why I know that it’s even more beneficial to do this 30 Day Course more than once, as I did.  You’ll see why…

Are you ready to join me?

I know how much this will benefit you so I’m also including a 10-Day

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The 30 Day Happiness Tune-Up Training Course gives you…

  • 30 Chapters in a step-by-step format as printable PDFs

  • 30 Audio Chapters to download and play on computer or MP3

  • 30 Workbook Chapters as PDFs to print and write on

  • 30 VIDEOS with Liah to expand on the day’s focus!


  • A Live group Q&A session with Liah via tele-seminar phone line! Just email your questions in advance!
  • A PRIVATE FaceBook group to share ideas and accomplishments — and have Liah join in, as well!
  • Complete PDF of Liah’s Best-Selling Book:

30 Days to Happiness: Setting Yourself Up to Win in Life


For a very limited time, the price is ONLY $97 ! (Click YELLOW button)

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I look forward to meeting you at my ONLINE MONTHLY SEMINAR or at one of my LIVE EVENTS!!
Many Smiles to You!   Liah Kraft-Kristaine

P.S.  If you just aren’t ready right now, or you want to tell a friend who needs this program about it, you can still receive great inspiration from Liah once a week. Liah’s messages and videos are calming, reassuring and uplifting!